Air Combat - 1/2 Day Introduction to Air Combat Maneuvering - AZ

Air Combat - 1/2 Day Introduction to Air Combat Maneuvering - AZ
From USD $1,265.00
  • Duration: 4 Hours (approx.)
  • Location: Mesa, AZ
  • Product code: IACM

Learn the Basics of Modern Air Combat Maneuvering

You fly this 30-minute air-to-air combat mission that gives you the opportunity to live the dream of learning to be a fighter pilot without committing to years of military service. Learn the basics of modern air combat maneuvering, both offensive and defensive, and engage in actual air-to-air combat.

At booking, you will receive an air combat tactics manual to review prior to your adventure. Upon arrival at our squadron, you will be greeted by our friendly staff, select a leather call-sign by which you will be known for the day, and get suited up in your flight gear. Fully briefed on tactical air combat maneuvers, you and your fighter pilot instructor will step to the aircraft to get strapped in for your mission. The flight profile begins with a formation take-off to the training area where you’ll warm-up with advanced handling, weapons usage and basic aerobatic maneuvers. Then it’s “Check Six!” as you fly 5 g-pulling air combat engagements in a “Show and Do” profile utilizing offensive and defensive tactics against your opponent. The flight is culminated with a thrilling three-dimensional smoke chase, each aircraft alternating “lead and follow” positions across the sky. An exciting formation high-speed low-altitude pass down the runway marks your arrival and “wow’s” family and friends watching from our observation deck. The mission is debriefed by recreating your tactical flight using the multiple-view video and in-flight notes evaluating shots and tactics. Your video is included. Leather call sign and other FCI gear is available for purchase. Aircraft: Extra 300l Aerobatic Aircraft


  • Formation T/O and demonstration
  • Aircraft handling and G exercises
  • Up to 5 air combat engagements
    • Offensive perch demo with gun track exercise
    • Fly offensive perch
    • Defensive perch demo
    • Fly defensive perch
    • Neutral engagement demo
  • Fighting wing tail-chase exercise
  • Return to base for high speed formation Battle Break to full-stop landing